Welcome to Montana Trail Horse

We are a small group of horse people who enjoy riding in wilderness areas, and we want to share our experiences with you.

We’re doing a big expansion of our original blog, so if you happen to land on this site before it’s done, please excuse the construction mess…we’re working to finish as quickly as we can.


Peyton is from Brainerd, MN. She grew up training hunting dogs and fell in love with Western Montana during a field studies program in 2019. As our apprentice in 2020, Peyton spent nearly six months  with us learning training methods and starting mustangs under saddle. 


Deb’s love of horses came from her father who bought her a pony many horse miles ago. Deb lives in the Flathead Valley, but she and her husband, Greg, have a “summer camp” on the east range in order to get into the Bob every chance they can.



Greg grew up in South Dakota in a large family of boys who never wore anything but cowboy boots. When he was in high school he worked on a trail crew for the Philmont Scout Ranch where he caught the wilderness bug.

Greg and Deb have been active members of Back Country Horsemen for many years, and they’ve also been tireless wilderness advocates, putting in hours of volunteer effort teaching people how to horse pack.


Karen’s first trail ride was when she was three and sat in the saddle in front of her dad. After that ride, she argued that she was old enough to ride on her own.

Karen started MontanaTrailHorse.com to be able to share people’s experiences riding in Montana’s wilderness.


Joe’s introduction to horses came when his father bought two for Joe and his sisters. When he was 18, Joe enlisted in the Army and rarely had a chance to come back to Montana for the next 22 years while serving overseas and in the National Guard. He would like to encourage other veterans to take up trail riding.


Marion grew up helping her mother start ponies under saddle. Her introduction to trail riding didn’t come until she moved to Montana and rode with Deb and Greg on a nine-day pack trip in the Bob. Since then she’s studied horse packing along with her Field Ecology major at UMT.