Bernice Ende — Riding Across America (Several times, all directions)

It’s snowing like crazy out there, so I’m stuck inside (although that’s not a bad place to be.) The cat’s given up begging for things and has gone to knocking things off the desk, instead. The dogs can’t decide whether to be in or out.

I’m looking online for a good book to read.

Horses aren’t the only mammals rewarded by SEEKING behavior — let me be undisturbed on the internet and before I know it, I’ve wandered across time and the globe and it’s well past bedtime.

Today I started looking on the Long Riders’ Guild website and ended up on Bernice Ende’s blog.

Bernice is a woman from Trego, MT, (about two hours away from where we live) who has logged over 30,000 miles crossing America on horseback.

You read that right — 30,000 miles.

To be a member of the Long Riders’ Guild, you must have ridden a continuous 1,000 miles on a single equestrian journey. Bernice Ende is a member, having ridden eight qualifying trips including being the first member to ride across America “ocean-to-ocean” and back on the same trip.

Like all dutiful souls who complete long journeys and are generous enough to share their experiences with those of us who rarely get off our couch, Bernice has written a book, Alone Across America on Horseback, published by FarCountry Press. Come to think of it, I noticed that the book is for sale in Rockin’ Rudy’s in Missoula.

I need to go shovel out the driveway so I can get to town to buy it.

Photo above taken by Olivia Harlow


Passing along a book review written by Debbie Disbrow, CEO & President, RAMM Fencing and Stalls, posted in their blog, Your Horse Farm.

If you are not a reader, but love horses, (or are a reader), I believe you will have one of those magical moments when you read ‘Lady Long Rider’ by Bernice Ende.  I encourage you to pick up this inspiring true life book. To me the essence of what we do with our horses is all about the time spent- time spent riding, time exchanging our spirits with our horses and time spent building trust.  If you walk into Ms Ende’s world through her book, you will find a woman that is not only beautiful in character and grace but beautiful in engaging her devotion to her horses. She fulfills her authentic individual ambition. Unlike others, she is truly a Lady Long Rider.  

In her earlier years, Ms Ende was meshing horses and ballet not even realizing how this would situate her for what was ahead in her life.  After seeing the Lipizzaners that performed in Minneapolis, she became intrigued by the graceful and strong dressage movements by the horses.  She would take the two very unparalleled disciplines,(ballet and riding), and later lay them side by side to emerge into a greater feat that has not ever been recorded. Let alone by a woman.   

At the young age of 50, Ms Ende brings to fruition a vision of riding a horse, that she did not recognize. This vision lead her to a desire to ride to visit her sister.  Not just a few blocks away or a few miles away, but from her home in northwest Montana to her sisters home at Edgewater, near Albuquerque, New Mexico – 2,000 miles away!        

Ms Ende’s story, will captivate any rider to not want to put her book down, unless it is time to feed the horses (a must as horse owners :).  Earning the right to be a member of the Long Rider Guild -any one whole ride that is 1000 miles long, Ms Ende surpasses this distance. But you will have to read her book to find out just how far she travels and how she handles each days adventures along the way.

It is a privilege to think that we can follow Ms Ende on her face book page, Lady Long Rider-Bernice Ende, and see her in her travels.  Her experiences are not always easy, sometimes lonely and very difficult. But her beautiful spirit is tenacious, strong and unparalleled.  As Ms Ende states, “There are many reasons why I ride, here are four: to encourage female leadership, to discover, learn and grow. If something sounds good to you, don’t let your fears stop you from latching on to that compelling notion of going and doing.”   Well said Ms Ende!




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