The Art and Science of Animal Training Conference 2019

Want to immerse yourself in two days of cutting edge behavioral-based training discussions?

The Art and Science of Animal Training is holding their 2019 conference Feb. 23-24 in Hurst, Texas.

I attended and Art and Science of Animal Training Conference several years ago to see Karen Pryor speak and I was blown away by all the demonstrations and mind-blowing conversations. I really remember Jesús Rosales-Ruiz’s presentation on negatives in training and would love to hear from him again.

Most of the guest speakers at the conference are usually dog trainers or academics like Jesús Rosales-Ruiz, but this year, horse trainers will be especially pleased to hear from Alexandra Kurland, author of “Clicker Training for your Horse,” “The Click That Teaches: A Step-By-Step Guide in Pictures,” “The Click That Teaches: Riding with the Clicker” and “The Click That Teaches Video Lesson Series.”

Kurland was the first person I had ever heard of to do clicker training with horses. Back in 1995 when I learned about positive reinforcement with a bridging signal through Karen Pryor’s book, Don’t Shoot the Dog, Kurland was writing her first book on using the same training methods for horses.

The conference’s key note speaker this year is Dr. Alliston Reid.  Dr. Reid works in comparative cognition which has led him to internationally-renown research with Chaser, the Border collie (Pilley & Reid, 2011), and the entertaining Rat Basketball tournaments on YouTube. His recent research has focused on the rules of integration of responding and environmental cues to produce adaptive patterns of behavior—such as the acquisition of behavioral skills, which will be the topic of his keynote address.

The Art and Science of Animal Training is a non-profit organization that exists to improve relationships between humans and other animals through educational programs that increase the understanding and use of behavior analytic principles as they apply to human-animal interactions and through supporting research initiatives that investigate new, improved training practices.

The conference is unique in that it facilitates conversations and the exchange of ideas between professional animal trainers, behavior analysts, zoo and aquarium professionals, and pet owners.

In 2009, the Organization for Reinforcement Contingencies with Animals (ORCA) organized the first Art and Science of Animal Training Conference at the University of North Texas.

Since 2009, the conference has grown in size and reputation. And, in the summer of 2015, a separate non-profit organization was formed to oversee the conference and expand it to a two-day event.

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