Clothing for Trail Riding

Nothing’s worse than being out on the trail and having your gear fall short of your expectations. Here’s some of our favorites and additional suggestions for what we look for when selecting our newest trail gear additions. 


A sturdy, reliable, and comfortable pair of boots are essential. No questions about it. Leather is a good option that can last for years, providing reliable comfort and continued wear.


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Weather depending, you might want a light breathable layer or a flannel that’s sure to keep you warm.


Not too heavy and not too light when looking for the perfect trail jacket. Look for durable quality that can withstand the trail and anything you throw at it.


Straw of felt? That depends on who you ask. Some might say that felt is only for the fall and winter while straw is best suited for the spring and summer. Our intern rocks a felt hat year round and says that she’s never found it to be too warm in the summer. See what you think and check these styles out.


Belts, gloves, chaps and more.